Sector Highlight: Hospitality

Sector Highlight: Hospitality

How apprenticeships can benefit the hospitality sector 

It’s no secret that the hospitality sector is facing significant issues. 

The lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the more recent cost-of-living crisis have impacted profits all around the country, and for many of the same reasons, recruitment and employee retention are also on the decline. 

Looking at the challenges ahead, hiring apprentices can be one of the most effective ways to tackle these problems head-on, all while helping prepare talent for the work environment of the future. 

Here are four ways in which apprenticeships can help hospitality businesses grow and provide a respite to staffing issues and beyond. 

Resolving staff shortages 

The industry is still recovering from the staff shortage crisis of the pandemic and looking for motivated new talent to lead the recovery to come. 

From January-March 2020 to October-December 2021, the number of workers in the sector fell by 3.6%. After this period and the re-opening of the economy in 2021, there were as many as 166,000 job vacancies in the sector, equal to 7.8% of all employee jobs. 

Taking on apprentices can help bridge the gap and reduce staff turnover, as apprenticeships have been found to boost staff morale and loyalty. 

Investing in new talent’s skills and professional development through an apprenticeship can build a long-lasting relationship between your business and future industry leaders. 

This is one of the best ways to improve employee retention, whether you are offering apprenticeships to brand-new workers in the industry or current employees looking to upgrade their skill set! 

Bridging the skill gap 

On that note, the skills gap is also another key issue that apprenticeships can help resolve, as they allow you to invest in the skills of your current staff or hire new ambitious staff that are ready to learn. 

Like all industries, the hospitality sector relies on the skills that you and your staff can bring to the table, and staying up to date with the latest trends and tech is a big part of that. Upskilling or hiring new talent is one of the most practical and affordable ways to bring fresh new skills and ideas to your business. 

Investing in apprenticeships will future-proof your company for years of growth to come! 

Opening career progression opportunities 

The hospitality industry is truly one of the best when it comes to opening up career progression pathways. 

Starting out at an entry-level position can take you all the way to the highest-level positions through nothing but hard work and dedication. 

Staff could start on a Level 2 Hospitality Team Member apprenticeship and work all the way up to a Level 6 (Degree Level) Chartered Manager apprenticeship. 

The clear career progression that hospitality offers is one of the industry’s biggest strength, and by offering apprenticeships, you’ll be able to take your talent’s skills to the next level and advance their careers. 

In turn, the loyalty of the staff that have been with you for years and through various stages of their career will protect you from the infamous staff turnover rates that rule the industry. 

Changing perceptions about the industry 

The public perception of the hospitality sector has been quite negative for a long time. 

Unsociable hours and high staff turnover all contribute to the idea that hospitality cannot offer a rewarding career progression, even though this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

This perception affects prospective workers and young people too, impacting staff shortages and discouraging top-quality talent from entering the industry at all. 

Hiring apprentices or training your staff can help disprove these misconceptions with deeds, rather than words. Apprenticeships show that the hospitality sector values its employees, cares about their career goals, and is destined for growth. 


Despite the many challenges faced in the last few years, the future of the hospitality sector is looking much brighter, and apprenticeships are the perfect strategy to reduce costs and staff turnover for a future-proof industry.