Sector Highlight: Construction

Sector Highlight: Construction

Smiling construction student

Why there’s been no better time to recruit apprentices in the Construction sector.

“We believe that apprenticeships and apprentices are the future of the Construction industry.” Matt Bennion, Chief Executive, Reds10

Apprenticeships are an extremely popular pathway into careers in Construction; the sector has the third-highest apprenticeship start rate in England, behind Public Administration and Health/Social Work (Gov.uk).

However, while many employers are taking advantage of the benefits of hiring apprentices, they could be missing out on further incentives and support available in the Construction industry.

Grant Support

A main concern that can deter businesses from taking on apprentices is the financial commitment. Apprentices, like other employees, earn a wage and require training, and therefore ‘cost’ companies money.

Of course, the monetary cost of hiring an apprentice is balanced in many ways by the benefits, including building new talent pipelines and upskilling opportunities. However, if you are feeling the squeeze, there are several routes which can cover large chunks of the cost of hiring an apprentice.

CITB is addressing skills gaps in the Construction industry by offering apprenticeship grants for Level 2 and above. Employers can receive up to £6,000 per apprentice and an additional £2,000 for Drylining Apprentices. They also support employers whose apprentices have to ‘travel to train’. Employers can access grants covering travel expenses over £30 per week and 80% of accommodation costs for apprentices who require overnight stays.

If you’re based in Bridlington or Scarborough, Hudson Contract can also support you in taking on apprentices by contributing £50 per week towards their wages.

Documentation Support: CSCS Cards

CSCS cards provide proof of appropriate training and qualifications to be on site and are differentiated based on position and experience. Previously, employers had to pay for Apprentice Cards and complete a lengthy application, meaning that many opted for the more straightforward Labourer Card, which did not accurately reflect the apprentice’s roles, responsibilities or training.

CSCS has now simplified registration and provides Apprentice Cards for free, supporting employers to improve standards and safety at work.

Flexi-Job Apprenticeships

If you believe your business isn’t suited to taking on apprentices because you mostly deal with short-term contracts or non-standard employment models, you might be interested in Flexi-Job Apprenticeships. These apprenticeships allow employers to take on apprentices for shorter periods as placements.

En:Able Futures is the only organisation offering this service for Construction employers in the North East. They recruit apprentices for employers and deal with all of the admin, including payroll and qualifications.