There is a wide range of additional funding and incentives available to businesses to support them in offering apprenticeships. We’re here to help you navigate the admin of eligibility and applications to build your business for less.

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The Apprenticeship Levy is a form of tax that large employers pay towards funding a greater number of high-quality apprenticeships. Levy-paying employers can transfer a percentage of their payments to a smaller business, helping them overcome financial barriers to offering apprenticeships.

There are several ways you can access Apprenticeship Levy as an SME. Take a look at our resources for guidance on the most suitable route for your business.

Did you know...

As a Levy-Paying Organisation:

  • You can help smaller businesses break down barriers to providing high-quality apprenticeships.
  • You can give back to your local community.
  • You can identify and fill skills gaps affecting your business.
  • You can help shape the future of your sector by deciding what kind of apprenticeships your levy funds.

As an SME:

  • A levy transfer could cover the cost of training an apprentice.
  • You can work with levy-paying organisations to fill skills gaps in your sector.
  • You can access Apprenticeship Levy in several ways.


The government provides a range of grants to cover apprenticeship costs, including the following.

  • If your business employs fewer than 50 people and your apprentice is 16-18 years old, the government will cover all apprenticeship training costs. 
  • For all employers, of any size, that recruit an apprentice that is 16-18 years old the government will provide a grant of £1,000 to support with the costs of taking on an apprentice. 


Some local authorities offer additional financial support to promote the uptake of apprenticeships in their district. Check your local authority’s website for more information.