Am I Too Old for an Apprenticeship?

Is there such thing as being too old for an apprenticeship? This question is one of the most frequently asked by those who are looking into apprenticeships for the very first time. The answer is simple: apprenticeships can be a great fit for everyone, no matter their age! In fact, you might be surprised to […]

The Benefits of Investing in Digital Skills Training

The need for professionals who can confidently navigate the online world is growing faster than the workforce can supply. According to a recent survey, a whopping 81% of UK directors have reported that a lack of digital skills has negatively impacted their business. The report also shows a concerning skills gap, with 27% of employees […]

All You Need to Know About Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Offering an excellent and exciting career path, higher and degree apprenticeships are one of the biggest rising trends to watch out for. According to the latest apprenticeships and traineeships report, published in early May, higher apprenticeship starts increased by 7.1% to 64,890 in 2022/2023, compared to 60,570 in the same period last year. For apprentices, […]

Sector Highlight: Hospitality

How apprenticeships can benefit the hospitality sector  It’s no secret that the hospitality sector is facing significant issues.  The lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the more recent cost-of-living crisis have impacted profits all around the country, and for many of the same reasons, recruitment and employee retention are also on the decline.  Looking […]

Apprenticeship Levy Transfer: Your Questions Answered

Taking on new talent as part of an apprenticeship scheme is one of the best ways to not only grow your business but also contribute to the growth of our collective talent pool and economy, and apprenticeships can also be used as a great way to upskill existing staff members.  Apprenticeships are a win-win situation […]

Build Your Community: Apprenticeships for Refugees

It is well-known that devastating global events have led to a sharp increase in the number of people seeking asylum in the UK (and across the world). In 2021, there were estimated to be at least 135,000 refugees living in the UK, and in 2022 alone, the government received over 220,000 applications to Ukraine Visa […]

Apprenticeship Levy Transfer: A Guide for SMEs 

You may have heard the term ‘levy transfer’ being thrown around in conversations around apprenticeship funding. But do you know how the apprenticeship levy could benefit your business? Learn how you can build your business and save money with our simple guide.    What is the apprenticeship levy?  The apprenticeship levy is a tax paid […]

Opportunities for All: Apprentices with Education, Health & Care Plans

Apprenticeships, by nature, are inclusive. They can be completed in any sector, at any level and by apprentices of any age. There’s a wealth of support out there for employers, training providers and apprentices to ensure equal opportunities for all when it comes to apprenticeships. This includes additional support for apprentices with Education, Health & […]

Sector Highlight: Health & Social Care

How recruiting apprentices can benefit the Health & Social Care sector.    When young people think about careers in Health & Social Care, it’s common to be put off by the thought of completing long and overwhelming degree courses before actually being able to help people in their communities.   However, apprenticeships are equally high-quality training […]